Monday, November 24, 2008


Falling swiftly from the sky,
I see raindrops outside my window.
Grandma cools her home cooked pie
And gives me a piece of her honey loaf.
Its bedtime now, I start to cry
She hugs me gently, whispers softly,
"Soon the sun will light the sky."

I wake up soon, the day is new.

The streets were wet,
The lights illuminated the puddles in the grass.
Soon the weather will turn cold,
And maybe will start snowing.

Its half past five, my grandmother is up making coffee.
I'm pleased to see she has set out my favorite brand of toffee.
The sky is pink, the sun is near,
The birds were chirping, frogs were leaping.
Grandma says, "Get ready for church dear."

It's time to leave I see my Dad,
He's picking me up, again I cry.
Grandma hugs me, dries my tears,
"This will not be the last time you are here."

It's six o'clock a Friday night, I'm
Looking at a wrestling fight,
My father turns off the T.V. and says, "Son,
Listen to me."
Right then I knew this wouldn't be good
His news was devastating.
My grandmother's life was through
Her funeral was my first, the sky was grey,
I felt a drop, a drop of rain.


LASunsett said...

I am glad you have fond memories of your great grandmother. You kids were her world in her last days and she loved you both very much.

JARNCO5 said...

Voice Of Conservative America just visited your blog

Steve Harkonnen said...

Nice work. I once wrote a poem about my grandmother too, but I've lost a lot of my work over the years.