Monday, November 24, 2008


Falling swiftly from the sky,
I see raindrops outside my window.
Grandma cools her home cooked pie
And gives me a piece of her honey loaf.
Its bedtime now, I start to cry
She hugs me gently, whispers softly,
"Soon the sun will light the sky."

I wake up soon, the day is new.

The streets were wet,
The lights illuminated the puddles in the grass.
Soon the weather will turn cold,
And maybe will start snowing.

Its half past five, my grandmother is up making coffee.
I'm pleased to see she has set out my favorite brand of toffee.
The sky is pink, the sun is near,
The birds were chirping, frogs were leaping.
Grandma says, "Get ready for church dear."

It's time to leave I see my Dad,
He's picking me up, again I cry.
Grandma hugs me, dries my tears,
"This will not be the last time you are here."

It's six o'clock a Friday night, I'm
Looking at a wrestling fight,
My father turns off the T.V. and says, "Son,
Listen to me."
Right then I knew this wouldn't be good
His news was devastating.
My grandmother's life was through
Her funeral was my first, the sky was grey,
I felt a drop, a drop of rain.

For You

The first time I saw you was outside,
And though the sun was behind me, I was
All of a sudden,
Time has gone by,
I see you again.
As I look into your eyes,
I can't help but grin.
I ask for your name,
You ask for mine,
Soon we meet again,
We chill this time.
We go to your room, we lie down and talk.
You give me your heart,
The next day you walk.

A year has passed, I see you once more.
I look into your eyes,
So innocent, so torn.

A Father Left His House (SONNET)

A father left his house at six to go
To work. He had to catch the morning train
And traveled through the tunnels deep below.
The clock struck nine, outside there was a plane.
The tower fell so quickly, he was trapped.
The courageous men tried to help, but failed
Tremendously. The news replayed the track.
Ashes fell from the sky like giant hail.
Just because the building dropped, he would not
Give up hope. For his wife was waiting back
At home, and without him she would be lost.
He ran down the stairs, so gallantly fast,
He fell to the ground on floor number five,
Said a prayer, "God, give my son long life."

The Road to Happiness

I’ve followed along a road you see,
A road with twists and turns—
A road aligned with towers,
Rich with evergreen.

Once you travel down this road
On dark and starry nights,
You must be careful,
For this road has nearly stole my life.

You think the road will save your soul,
For all eternity,
But once you travel—you will find—
What happiness is indeed?

Friday, November 21, 2008

People believe that the coaches challenge is a great advancement in college football. I think it stinks.
Don't get me wrong, I believe that if a coach thinks a bad call was made, then let the officials know. But don't rely on an official way up in the booth.
Let the coach decide whether or not the play was a complete and/or an incomplete pass.
For example, the Ball State University Cardinals, intercepted a pass, according to the officials, about two minutes before the game ended.
Suddenly, the officials in the booth decide to review the play. It seemed that the pass was an incompletion. The ball hit the ground just as the defender pulled it in. What are the chances?
The official review was that the pass was an incompletion. Central Michigan fans scurried back to the stands once they heard the official ruling.
To all BSU fans watching in Muncie, Ind. this was a bad sign.
For the first time this season, their team was 10-0, and on their way to a berth in the Mid-American Conference Championship game. Then, all of a sudden, it seemed that C. Michigan had beaten the No. 17 ranked team in the nation.
However, Sean Baker determined the fate of the Cardinals.
Just when it seemed that the game was over, Baker intercepted Dan LeFevour's pass, the Chippewas only turnover.
For an offense that seemed unstoppable, Baker and the Cardinals seemed to put a stop to the two time defending MAC champions.
Quarterback, Nate Davis' four touchdown passes, and halfback MiQuale Lewis' 177 rushing yards proved that the BSU Cardinals were indeed the superior team in the MAC.
The Cardinals will face W. Michigan[9-2] on Nov. 25. The outcome of the game will decide who will represent the MAC West.